Book Publishing 101: A workshop

A special, temporary blog post… Today’s event is sponsored by Joy’s Table and Services, and by Pareunsang Haneuiwon. Please download their e-coupons and check them out. Both owners are doing more than most businesses to actively reach out to and support foreigners living in Korea. Publishing is a business. Writing is creative and takes talent, […]

The fragility of people who feel you have what they deserve

I received a “Happy New Year, whatcha up to” email from an ex a few days ago. I told him I’m returning to the U.S. in March, speaking at SXSW on March 12 and how beyond those two things, I have no plans. Then asked how he’s doing. His reply was short: Same old thing, […]

A Talk-Concert for S Korea’s Mr. Sunshine

Actress Kim Min Jung, and recording artist, Hwang Chi Yeul show love at the Sunshine and Love talk-concert The actress Kim Min Jung is funny, goes for 12-hour mountain hikes, and likes to see everyone get a fair chance. The solo artist Hwang Chi Yeul gives great hugs, can sing in English, Chinese and Japanese, […]

Gotek Maru: Korean warmth and history at Il-du Gotek in Gapyeong

It’s impossible to watch the Korean drama, Mr. Sunshine, without getting all the way immersed in the compelling range of emotions and conflicts from scene to scene as the story unfolds. The magic of the deeply memorable, 24-episode historical Korean drama doesn’t lie simply in the actors (who are all outstanding), or the nearly 27,000-square-meter […]

Anmyeondo: Korea’s city of Moonlight with a history of marauding

  I love a good pirate story, and the idyllic, rocky shores of Anmyeondo share Korea’s fabled history of marauders, sunken ships and treasures lost at sea. Dating back to the Three Kingdoms (18 BC – 660 AD), and spanning most of the Goryeo (918–1392) and Joseon (1392- 1897​) dynasties, legends abound of Japanese wokou […]

Where to stay in Anmyeondo

After everything it takes to get to Anmyeondo by public transportation, the Underwind Tourist Farm offers the perfect respite. The property is quiet and dreamy; the area around it is unspoiled, the rooms are cozy, and the owners are welcoming. Anmyeondo is the westernmost major island in South Korea. The closest intercity bus terminal is […]

Korea’s Severance Yonsei hospital raises expectations without raising the bar

I was excited to finally have an appointment at Severance Yonsei,  one of the big three hospitals in Seoul. They have English speaking doctors, Founded by an American missionary in 1885, it is lauded as a sprawling campus of top educated answers. They have a gadget for everything, English speaking doctors, an international care center […]

K-Life Blog: Nine essential background facts you need before seeing Korea’s 1446-The Musical

October 29, 2018: Period pieces can be hit or miss. On the basis of entertainment value alone, a new production in Seoul celebrating the life and achievements of King Sejong is a definite hit.  The epic, 1446: A Musical, offers a glimpse of what King Sejong endured in order to become king, protect the people and […]

From Busan Tower to hand-painted murals, Jung-gu is Busan’s city of Charms and Culture.

There are cities that can only lure tourists with the help of major attractions; then there’s Busan, which has the enviable ability to draw people from around the world with just sand, good food and human nature. From bridges and parks to fresh seafood and fish cakes (eomuk/어묵) it’s the little, everyday things that standout […]