Book Publishing 101: A workshop

A special, temporary blog post… Today’s event is sponsored by Joy’s Table and Services, and by Pareunsang Haneuiwon. Please download their e-coupons and check them out. Both owners are doing more than most businesses to actively reach out to and support foreigners living in Korea. Publishing is a business. Writing is creative and takes talent, […]

The fragility of people who feel you have what they deserve

I received a “Happy New Year, whatcha up to” email from an ex a few days ago. I told him I’m returning to the U.S. in March, speaking at SXSW on March 12 and how beyond those two things, I have no plans. Then asked how he’s doing. His reply was short: Same old thing, […]

Korea’s Severance Yonsei hospital raises expectations without raising the bar

I was excited to finally have an appointment at Severance Yonsei,  one of the big three hospitals in Seoul. They have English speaking doctors, Founded by an American missionary in 1885, it is lauded as a sprawling campus of top educated answers. They have a gadget for everything, English speaking doctors, an international care center […]

K-Life Blog: Nine essential background facts you need before seeing Korea’s 1446-The Musical

October 29, 2018: Period pieces can be hit or miss. On the basis of entertainment value alone, a new production in Seoul celebrating the life and achievements of King Sejong is a definite hit.  The epic, 1446: A Musical, offers a glimpse of what King Sejong endured in order to become king, protect the people and […]

Call a spade a spade, and a grope a grope

Breaking News! Pastor apologizes to Ariana Grande for … • Washington Post:  grazing … • CBS, Huffington Post: touching… • The New York Times, BBC, Metro: groping … … her breast It’s all over YouTube. If you can stomach it, if you have a son or daughter and want to protect them – show them […]

When saying “It’s a misunderstanding” isn’t good enough

October 19, 2016   Most people’s lives are deep, flowing rivers, with winding turns and perhaps rapid currents, but nonetheless steady in the same direction. They have set schedules. They’re mindset is clear and un-muddied. They live predictable lives that—even though there are occasional ups and downs, episodes of getting sidetracked, and things (good or bad) that happen by […]

When the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Unbound

Bus drivers in South Korea behave like bandits on a ten-minute day pass from hell. In my travels (and I’ve been to 60 countries), I have been in an earthquake in Indonesia, and a hurricane in Jamaica. I have been attacked by six airport employees and security guards in Senegal and physically accosted by another […]