When saying “It’s a misunderstanding” isn’t good enough

October 19, 2016   Most people’s lives are deep, flowing rivers, with winding turns and perhaps rapid currents, but nonetheless steady in the same direction. They have set schedules. They’re mindset is clear and un-muddied. They live predictable lives that—even though there are occasional ups and downs, episodes of getting sidetracked, and things (good or bad) that happen by […]

When the Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Unbound

Bus drivers in South Korea behave like bandits on a ten-minute day pass from hell. In my travels (and I’ve been to 60 countries), I have been in an earthquake in Indonesia, and a hurricane in Jamaica. I have been attacked by six airport employees and security guards in Senegal and physically accosted by another […]

The Good Samaritan

In my December 22 and 23 English Freetalking class, the theme was good Samaritans, which included relevant vocabulary and expressions such as do-gooder, random acts of kindness, and to have a calling. By the end of the week though, I wished I’d have included another useful expression: That one about no good deeds. But at […]

Playing the Gangster

January 11, 2015 Cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, gang bangers and the police. The evolution of what the world thinks of Americans has yet to progress beyond the thrilling action of violence. On the first floor of the building where I’m living in South Korea, children at the daycare consistently react to a simple […]

On Federal Laws and Everyday Life

In the 1980s, when I was in high school and worked as a waitress, the Reagan Administration expanded Social Security and unemployment tax laws that forced restaurant owners and employees to report their tips differently. As I remember it, we were compelled to report at least eight percent of the total food bill—a reasonable amount […]

My Addiction to Flip-Flops

I think I’m addicted to flip-flops. A harmless malady that inflicts most anyone who has walked a mile with their toes basking under clouds instead of squeezed inside sewn leather and canvas, but an illness just the same. The symptoms are clear. Whenever I think about where to travel, my first thought—before logistics, currency exchange, […]

Battle Cry From This Child of God, Africa and the USA

From refrigerator magnets to digital uploads, I’ve seen more than my fair share of inspirational quotes, poems and prayers about how we should be at peace, be grateful and move forward. We should be grateful for the everyday, grateful to wake up in the morning, grateful to have our health, grateful to have food on […]